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Meltrade Automatika Ltd. is the official representative of Mitsubishi Electric, HMS Ewon and NSD Corporation in Hungary.

Meltrade Automatika Ltd. was founded in 2002 specifically for the distribution of Mitsubishi Electric’s industrial automation products in Hungary. Our first task was to introduce the Mitsubishi Electric brand and product range to the Hungarian market. Of course, Mitsubishi products were previously present in the production lines and equipment of Hungarian companies, but most of them were installed by foreign machine manufacturers. The turnover of Mitsubishi products has been growing significantly every year since 2002, currently Meltrade has the largest turnover among the distributors in the Central and Eastern European region (CEE). Mitsubishi Electric has repeatedly rewarded our operations with the highest diamond distributor rank.

In addition to Mitsubishi Electric, HMS and NSD products

We started marketing the products of two other manufacturers in 2018, so we now have Ewon branded industrial remote access solutions from the Swedish company HMS Industrial Networks AB and position sensors from the Japanese NSD Corporation ABSOCODER brand. With the products of the ABSOCODER series, we also enter the fields of heavy industry, with the product family’s extremely robust position sensors without electronics, batteries and optical discs.

System integration and services

We provide high-quality technical support, spare parts supply, training, Mitsubishi products sold, warranty and post-warranty administration, and service to the end users, system integrators, machine manufacturers and partners operating the production lines. In the case of robots and frequency converters, we have an official Hungarian service partner certification.

Our company’s system integrator partners have already implemented a number of successful projects, the most common tasks being the design, construction (manufacture) and installation of a robot cell or new target equipment, program modification, machine conversion and modernization.

Engineering background

Our engineers help you choose the right construction partner and help users find the most suitable technical solution by phone, e-mail or in-person technical advice. By phone, our colleagues are available to users on working days from 8 am to 6 pm.

It is also possible to hold trainings in our training room or with our partners. We also hold free seminars to learn about Mitsubishi Electric’s solutions and innovations.

Our professional technical support and high-quality products ensure the successful future of our customers, Mitsubishi Electric and Meltrade Ltd.

Our certificates

Meltrade Automatika Ltd. is a diamond grade distributor of Mitsubishi Electric. Our financial stability is confirmed by the BAAnode AAA certification, which is achieved by only 0.63 percent of Hungarian companies. The quality of the products and solutions is guaranteed by the Japanese manufacturer.


Distributor Certificates

AAA certification

Dun & Bradstreet certificate

Download certificates

Meltrade Ltd. Mitsubishi distributor certificate
Meltrade Ltd. NSD distributor certificate
Meltrade Ltd. Dun & Bradstreet AAA certificate
Meltrade Ltd. HMS Ewon certificate

Central office in Budapest
Address: 1107 Budapest, Fertő utca 14. QR kód Meltrade Kft.
Mailing address: 1475 Budapest, Pf. 54.
Phone: +36 1 431 97 26
Fax: +36 1 431 97 27
Office in Észak-Dunántúl
Address: 2889 Súr, Kossuth Lajos utca 3. QR kód Meltrade Kft. - Súr
Phone: +36 34 575 015
Fax: +36 34 575 016
Company information
Registered name: Meltrade Automatika Kft.
Billing address: 1107 Budapest, Fertő utca 14.
VAT number: 12806535-2-42
EU VAT number HU12806535
Company registration number: 01-09-704352
Bank: MBH Bank Nyrt.
Swift/BIC code: BUDAHUHB
HUF bank account: 10102103-47059400-01000004
IBAN HUF bank account: HU04 10102103-47059400-01000004
Euro bank account: 10102103-47059400-01000303
IBAN Euro bank account: HU79 10102103-47059400-01000303
Chamber registration number: BU12806535
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